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Should You Care about the Programming Language Your Company Uses

Should You Care about the Programming Language Your Company Uses

🕔03.Apr 2014

When it comes to programming you may feel like you are a total nincompoop. But as the business owner, it may be in your best interest to know what programming languages are available and which works best for you.

There seems to be a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to software use in the business world. What programming language should the business use? Which is better? What should the coding language be used for? For business owners, this can be a difficult decision because coding languages are so technical.

You know the programmer is all fired up about a specialized program, but as the business owner do you really care whether you run Java, .NET, PHP or Ruby?

The truth is that the right program is important, but choosing the right programming language is dependent on what you do and what skill sets your IT team has. Still when it comes down to it there are only a few options you need to review.

Web Server Languages
These are languages that work to help websites more functional. Under this category we have:
Ruby on Rails

Then What?
Ok now that you know there are just a few basic programs you can work with, you need to think of the technologies you use. For example, you want to consider the number of computers your business uses, the servers and the software you currently use. If for example, you use Microsoft software on your software, you may want to consider .NET and C# or VB.NET. These types of programming languages can help you with support and specialization. On the other hand if you need access to website and many different users need to add information to the website, you might do better with Java. This is a programming language that offers more interactivity and web flexibility.

As a Mac or Unix server user, you may one to choose another programming language option as .NET doesn’t not run well on these systems.

Consider Skills
When choosing the right programming language you need to consider the skills of your team. Consider your employees, contractors and trusted vendors. Think of the skills they have and the programming languages they are used to working with. You’ll want to choose a programming language based on their abilities. Remember the larger the learning curve, the longer it will take your business to adapt to using the new programming language.

Money Can Be an Issue
When you are running on a budget you may want to use one of the low-cost programming languages such as PHP, Python or Ruby on Rails. However, if your budget is less restricted you might consider paying for better programming skills.