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The Business Advantages of an Interactive Website

The Business Advantages of an Interactive Website

🕔03.Apr 2014

A well designed, interactive website is essential in today’s highly competitive, digital business market. A static, rarely changing business website was passable in the early years of the internet, as few businesses understood online marketing. A cursory, basic website was all you needed to have a leg up over your competition. In today’s fast paced online world, interactive programming languages, like Java, have made exciting and dynamic websites a necessity.

Interactive websites attract more visitors than a static page because they offer constantly updated content. Static websites rarely, if ever, offer consumers new information. These sites get boring quickly and customers quickly abandon its services for a site that offers more up-to-date information.

Creating a good first impression with your website is vital in today’s oversaturated online market. The attention span of the average online consumer is about 10-30 seconds. Your website needs to immediately grab the attention of potential customers and present them with all they need to know about your site. An interactive site offers dynamic menu options, scrolling bars of information, animations, graphics, and many other eye catching design options. These options will ignite the interest of your consumers.

Consumer communication is one of the biggest advantages that comes with an interactive website. Interactive sites make a consumer feel like they are more in touch with you and your company. It creates a back-and-forth that enhances the experience of both the consumer and the service provider.

Interactive communication content includes forums, live chats, 24-hour on-call service, e-mail, polls, surveys, and much more. All of these services bring the consumer closer to you and communicates to the consumer that you care about their opinion. It will make them value your services more and create a stronger sense of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is so important in today’s market. Undying customer loyalty is becoming a thing of the past, due to the wide variety of service providers. One way to ensure loyalty is to create consumer satisfaction through open and free communication channels.

However, this communication is not a one-way street: it can also offer big dividends to a smart business owner. Forums, surveys, polls, and review sections create a feedback system for your services and your products. You can find out what your consumers are saying about your services and ways that you can improve it. You can directly address consumer problems and find ways to fix them before they become big problems. And this service is absolutely free! It will essentially provide you with a way to gauge the success of your business in real-time and find solutions that please your consumers. And remember: customer satisfaction leads to consumer loyalty.

You may wonder how much an interactive website costs. Its a fair question and one that doesn’t have a simple answer. Interactive websites used to cost thousands of dollars to create and sustain. The programming languages were so new that only advanced experts could create the kind of designs that would draw in consumers.

However, a variety of “hosting” sites are creating easy to manipulate and create interactive website “templates.” These templates are pre-programmed, but can be altered to suit your business in any way you see fit. Many hosting sites offer free website options. These options aren’t as adaptable as pay models. The adaptability and design options are worth the extra $200 or $300.